30 de mayo de 2012

The Homeopathy and its troubles to health:

The homeopathy is a pseudo-science based in two stupid principles. First, they say that substances which cause some damageful effects on a health person will cure the same effects on a ill person. This is a complete foolness. Secondly, they say that an infinitesimal solution of this sustance has better effects against the illness.

I have answered to every question they made. I refuse to believe it, because it has neither chemical nor biological evidences. Its functions can be explained by the placebo effect, by the own statistics laws and by the fact of everybody who tried to heal himself a hard disease only using homeopathy is dead.

The most important homeopathic enterprise is Boiron Enterprises, headed in France. Its benefits profit is about the 80%, comparing with the 40% of the chemist enterprises. Also, the chemicals used to heal do actually heal.

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